The Difference a Shelf Makes


Last weekend Matt had to work both Saturday and Sunday- ugh- but it left me with some time on my hands and I decided to finally add the fourth floating shelf on my side of the bed.  Matt has a bedside table on his side of the bed while I have a series of floating shelves.  At first three shelves seemed like enough. I really just needed a place for a glass of water, phone, rings and my thermometer right? But then I started stacking books on the floor next to my bed.  I had no place to put the various books I was reading and it was looking cluttered.  I had a fourth shelf just waiting to be used and decided to mount it below the shelf that held my phone and other accessories.


Over the course of a year I’ve picked up a few fun aqua accents for the room.


Key Hook with Vase Source: Etsy OldNewAgain $32.00

Robot Bank Source: Etsy TrashBirdMakes $15.00

Seattle Print Source: Etsy birdAve $20.00

one year-imp

Quite the difference between a year ago and now, don’t ya say?  We still haven’t painted this room but I really hope we can get to that this spring. The color differences in the photo above  just illustrates how much better I’ve gotten at adjusting my white balance.  Its kinda nice to see these improvements in my photography.

Just a reminder of the color scheme we are going for.


February seems to be the month that we focus our attention on the bedroom.  Last February we installed the ceiling fan and the first 3 floating shelves.  The rest of this month we’ll be focusing on purging our clothes (a good portion of our clothes are don’t fit anymore) and de-cluttering the dresser and Matt’s nightstand the bedroom .

What is your favorite nightstand alternative?


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