Christmas in Fort Wayne

The whole reason for our trip east was to spend Christmas with my in-laws.  My BIL is likely deploying to Afghanistan this year so it was great to have everyone together over Christmas.  I didn’t take many photos, I really tried to focus on good quality time with family and that meant not being behind the lens all the time.


My FIL with his youngest Grandson- W.  Watching him with the Grandbabies was such a blast and yes I am totally guilty of 95% of my photos featuring a nephew or niece.


My niece M loves to be on the floor and sans pants! Love her little maryjane socks.  BIL Mark was quite smitten with the little ones too.


We didn’t open gifts until late Christmas night (visiting with other family all day) and poor M was too tired to open all his gifts.  We had Christmas part deux the next morning.  The little people airplane from Uncle Mark was quite the hit.


The youngest member of the family M’s little brother W got some good quality snuggle time in.  That kid is a snuggled and loves to be super warm


We had a nice day after Christmas lunch with the Grandmas (and Grandpa too).  My MIL’s parents (below) picked up by FIL’s mother and brought her over to the house to hang out with all the Great-grandbabies.



I adore both of Matt’s grandmas and his grandpa.  After the passing of my grandma they are the only grandparents left between the two of us.  In particular I have a very fond affection for my FIL’s Mum (talking with Matt in the photo above).  She raised 11 children- yes ELEVEN, and is incredibly intelligent.  We share a love of shows like NCIS and the Mentalist and there is just something that I really connect to.  This visit was a pleasure- usually we see her at large (remember those 11 kids?) family gatherings and there is a lot going on.  It was great to sit with her one on one and try to count all of her Grandkids and Great Grandkids.  I think there were 60+ Grandkids and about 20 Great Grandkids.


It was hard to say goodbye (my FIL hugs M before he and his brother and parents took off for Chicago) even though we knew we would be seeing everyone again in a few weeks.

Up next: We get back on the train!


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