Watermarking with Aperture and Impression

A couple of weeks ago Stephanie at This Casita posted about how she preps photos for her blog– from editing to watermarking.   I loved this post because I’m oddly curious what other’s process for such things. Selecting, editing, and prepping photos for the blog seems to be the bottleneck in my whole blogging process.

By using Photoshop actions and brushes (for the watermark) Stephanie has been able to trim this process down and streamline it.  So why don’t I apply this my process?  Like many bloggers, she uses Photoshop and , well, I use Aperture*.   I love Aperture for photo editing but I toyed with getting Photoshop Elements when I found out the slightly time-consuming (but free) method I had used to add watermark text through Picnik wouldn’t be available after April. Ultimately I decided to stick with Aperture and find a companion application to add a reposition-able watermark.  My process might be a little wonky and low tech at moments but it seems to be working.  I even made you guys a little demo, you know so you could see

So here is my process:

  1. Edit in Aperture
  2. If Landscape image Right click image and select Export>>Impression (proceed to step 7)
  3. If making 2 portrait images into one landscape image export to desktop
  4. Open Microsoft Powerpoint and drag 2 images in to empty slide
  5. Position and use Grab tool to capture just the image you want and save to desktop
  6. Open Impression and drag image from step 5 in
  7. Add watermark (text or import image) or select preset watermark
  8. Adjust position as needed
  9. Export to Aperture
  10. Upload to flickr with one button click

What tools do you use to prep photos for your blog? Any other Aperture lovers out there?

*There seems to be a trend here… I shoot a Pentax instead of the ubiquitous Cannon or Nikon… I use Aperture not Photoshop.  I guess I like going with the less popular little guy.


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