Christmas Train: Seattle to Chicago Pt 2

Dec 22- Afternoon/Evening


When I left off,  Matt and I were enjoying Glacier National Park in the Sightseer car. We headed back to our roomette to hang out a little before lunch. Unlike dinner, breakfast and lunch are no-reservation meals.  As it got lighter out the landscape became more and more breathtaking.


Between Glacier and Shelby MT the landscape is beautiful and the sky seems so vast.


We pulled into Shelby  MT around noon.  The stop at Shelby isn’t super long (some stops are 40 minutes), but it is long enough to get out and walk around for a bit.  It’s important to take advantage of these walk about stops as much as possible- 2 days sitting on your butt can really take its toll.


After Shelby we headed to the dining car for lunch.  The salmon salad was yum!


We napped a little and enjoyed the scenery as the day wore on. Truth be told, after Shelby the scenery isn’t as breathtaking- but it is pretty. I only had time to pull out my cellphone to capture these horses on the ridge.


You meet some interesting people on the train.  This little boy boarded the train earlier in the day in his pajamas.  It was his first time on the train and since they were riding in a sleeping car he and his mom decided to wear pajamas- super cute.  You can’t see it well, but they were Thor PJs- awesome. The gentleman on the right is a seasoned train rider- as are his two sons.  Every Christmas he takes his sons (now in their 20s) on a train trip.  They’ve done the Coast Starlight, California Zepher, the City of New Orleans, and the Sunset Limited to name a few.  He and one of his sons were our table-mates for our afternoon wine and cheese tasting.


As a Thank You to their sleeping car passengers Amtrak offers a wine and cheese tasting at 3PM on the second day. The sleeping car Attendants serve the wine and educate you about the Washington wines and Wisconsin/Washington cheese (sometimes they just read it from a paper but they have fun doing it).  You can win a bottle of one of the wine’s by answering a trivia question.  Sweet- I scored wine to share with our family when we got to Fort Wayne.


Obviously you have a lot of downtime on the train.  Knowing this we loaded our iPad up with the last episodes of Survivor and the first season of Portlandia.  The seats were barely wide enough for me to squeeze in next to Matt to cuddle and watch TV- although we only made it through the Survivor episodes.


After a long day on the train the sun finally set.


December 23rd


The last day on the train was pretty similar to the previous days.  We spent most of the day in our roomette, I worked on baby sweater sleeves and Matt played Zelda on the DS.


Around 4PM we rolled into Union Station Chicago.  We checked into the Marriott and met some friends out for dinner/drinks.  The next morning we set out for Matt’s hometown, Fort Wayne.

Up next- Christmas with the in-laws.



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3 responses to “Christmas Train: Seattle to Chicago Pt 2

  1. So jealous! We just don’t have train options like this on the East Coast. That being said, I’m never on a train for longer than 4 hours. I love the waiter service. It all looks so relaxing!

  2. I love this! I’ve always wanted to take a longer train trip somewhere… this is motivating me to actually figure it out!

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