5 Little Things I’m Enjoying

I’ve got some random nothingness floating around my brain.  Things I’m enjoying at the current moment.


1. Haircut 2. Under Armor Shirt 3. Espresso machine

1. After a year with the same haircut I decided on the spur of the moment (i.e. in the chair while my stylist was cutting my hair) to change things up with a new cut. It’s stacked in the back and is pretty piece-y on the sides. It requires a flat-iron every morning if not a full blow-dry and flat-iron.  Funny thing, this cut was actually a compromise.  I wasn’t feeling well when I went to get my hair cut and I proceeded to tell my stylist to cut it all off really short.  She didn’t think I should be making rash decisions when I wasn’t feeling well so this was the compromise.  I love the new cut but its 2 weeks + later and I still want to cut it all off.  I’m itching for a pixie cut… I *might* have spent some time searching the celebrities for inspiration…


1, 2, 3, 4

2. My new under-armor shirt. I can’t lie, I wasn’t sure what the heck I was going to do with this shirt when I opened the gift from my in-laws. It’s a Cold Gear Compression shirt, as in meant for outdoor cold weather activity. Although I would love to snowshoe, I don’t (I have the gear but nobody to go with- *looking at you Mom*)- I don’t do any cold weather sports. However, today I figured it out… It’s now my “working from home and don’t want to turn up the heat because my husband told me that me working from home with the heat at a normal temp has raised our heating bill” shirt. Seriously, I’m comfy and warm in my 65 degree house now. And I’ve found that the compression is oddly comforting. Hummm perhaps it is a human version of the Thundershirt.

3. Cappuccino from my new DeLonghi Espresso maker (thanks Babe!).  I’m not really a Cappuccino person but its all I know how to make right now.  I haven’t perfected my Cafe au lait made with decaf espresso yet… all in good time.  I *might* have used extortionary tactics to get the Hubs to buy me this perfect gift- my daily walks to the espresso hut were costing around $4-5 a day. So far I am loving it!


4. Joseph Joseph Elevate 6-Piece Heat-Resistant Utensil Set.  The hubs saw these on Home.Woot.com over the Christmas break and ordered them.  I love that they match our bright and colorful kitchen and that they don’t require a spoon rest, the little feet keep the spoon/spatula part off the counter.  Love, love love!

Jessica Simpson Tylera Boots

5. New short boots.  I love these boots.  I need to have the hubs take a photo of me wearing them because the picture above does not do them justice. They are the perfect lazy woman boots- there is no zipper , both sides are slit and you seriously just step into them.  They are the right height for a short girl and they make my muscular calves look slim. My winter wardrobe has expanded to the earth tones with the addition of these to my shoe rack.  *happy girl*

That’s all. A handful of non-important stuff that is making me smile today.

What is making you smile today?



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2 responses to “5 Little Things I’m Enjoying

  1. Cute cut! I recently chopped my hair too…I think I lost six inches. I don’t know what it is about winter that makes me want to chop my hair. 🙂

    Also, I heart snowshoeing! If you’re ever near the Portland area or somewhere in the middle, we should go!

  2. your haircut is so cute! and i bet the pixie cut would look great on you too. and i now have my eye on that compression shirt to try and help me stay motivated to run during the winter (chances of that are pretty low).

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