Christmas Paper Crafting II

So… I showed you my handmade tags and such before Christmas. Unfortunately I couldn’t show you some cool wrapping that I did because posting about it before hand would have spoiled the surprise. Such is the hazard you encounter when your family reads your blog.   So now that the gifts are all unwrapped I think its safe to share some creative packaging.


Matt drew my SIL’s name in the family draw. We were worried about the gift (a personalized necklace) getting to us in time so we had it shipped to my MIL House. This tin was the perfect solution for a gift that we would be wrapping at the last-minute. The tin had a design on the cover so I covered it up with this airmail style label (the same one I used on my nephew’s gift) and a North Pole stamp.


I drew my BIL Mike in the name draw. On his wish list he had 2 saw horses from Lowes.  Obviously those weren’t going to fit in my carry-on luggage so I purchased a gift card to cover the cost.  I didn’t want to just hand him an envelope and I wanted to have a little fun with it so I cut out images of three french hens, two saw horses, and a partridge in a pear tree.


The box is from a Proactive shipment (those boxes are so handy). I covered the outside of the box in wrapping paper and printed the words to my slightly adjusted 12 days of  Christmas song to help cover up the Proactive logo. I also made a Ho, Ho, Ho (or oH, oH, oH depending how you look at it) gift card holder and stuck his gift card inside.

I love any idea to make a gift card less “gift card-y”.  What is your favorite “disguise the gift card” trick?


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  1. I’m loving your creative wrapping! I need to get craftier with mine, for sure. 🙂

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