Random Things I’m Loving

Every once in a while you need a good brain dump.  My cell phone camera was full of photos and my brain was full of ideas.  Here is a random dozen:


1. The new configuration of Phoenix International Speedway (Me at the races in November)

2. The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword.  I am so addicted!


3. Ruffled tank from Macy’s (on clearance!) and seeing the rewards of weight loss.


4. WoodWick Holly and Spruce candle. We don’t have a tree but we have fresh tree smell!  I am loving the wood wick which crackles as it burns.


5. New to us vintage table-cloth from Matt’s Grandma.  It fits our table, and our style perfectly!


6. Pill organizer with removable containers.  I was recently diagnosed with Hypothyroid.  In addition to my thyroid medications I am taking a whole slew of vitamins and minerals to support proper Thyroid function.  Fun times.  Matt and I share these containers for our daily vitamins, I get the yellow AM slots and he takes the blue PM slots. Its perfect when traveling, I just throw the individual days that we will be gone into our luggage.


7. Can-Can Cabaret, Seattle’s amazing Cabaret venue and show. Seriously a must visit in Seattle.


8. Yee-Haw Pickles! I love pickles (L-O-V-E!) and when I found out that my high school friend and his wife were behind Yee-Haw Pickle Company I had to try them. YUM! They are only available in Park City UT grocery stores  which means I have to order online and have them shipped (which is on the expensive side).  I am carefully rationing my pickle supply- these are damn good dills.


9.  We love sparkling water!  This is an average Costco run which should last us 3 weeks.  4 cases of Talking Rain lightly flavored sparkling water & 3 cases of Cascade Ice flavored spring water.  I so need to win  the Soda Stream that Big Apple Nosh is giving away!


10. Mittens in the shape of Wii Mii hands.  I knit these adorable mittens for Mr Russell. I die they are so cute! ( Miitens pattern from Knitty)


11: Bee Ornament Exchange.  Every year the Weddingbee Blogger Bee’s exchange ornaments/items via secret santa.  This year I had fellow Seattle Bee, Mrs Frog.  I didn’t make the cute frog (purchased from Etsy Seller Eggspressions) but I did knit the mini Bee and made the honeycomb ornament.  I can’t wait to get my ornament in the mail!


12. Our new doormat. It greets you with “Come in” on your way in and on your way out it urges you to “go away”. It makes me smile every time I use the front door.

There you go, a whole bunch of randomness that I love, December edition.  What randomness are you excited about these days?



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4 responses to “Random Things I’m Loving

  1. Sunny

    That door mat is awesome! I love it!

  2. The mii hands! Too cute! Your little bee is cute too! And so are you, pretz, no…scratch that, you are smokin hot! 😀

  3. I love your top! And now i gotta go light a holiday candle, I think!!

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