Sending Gifts by Owl Post

My nephew’s (the Boy) birthday is rapidly approaching but it was a post by Geek in Heels way back in July that inspired his gift. As a side note, I’ve purchased no less than 3 or 4 kick a$$ gifts this year after seeing said item on Geek in Heels. Girl, I think I owe you some sort of commission or something.

The Trio Take Flight by Ben Zhu available at

The Boy loves Harry Potter and I thought that this Ben Zhu print would be great for his bedroom.  I ordered the print and stashed it away until this week.  Last year my SIL threw an epic Harry Potter birthday party for him, complete with butter beer, golden snitches, and chocolate frogs.  Admittedly last year would have been the perfect year for this gift but whatever, he (and his sister) are still very much HP fans.

I framed the print and got ready to pack it up for shipment.  Now, what is the proper way to send such a gift? By Owl Post of course!


Instead of wrapping paper I used Kraft paper and twine to wrap the framed photo.


I used my Silhouette Machine to print and cut the “hogwarts crest” by Harry Potter  (available for download from Silhouette) and to design an Owl Post stamp.  The Owl Post stamp uses the “stamp frame” by Loni Harris and “animal owls print and cut” by Samantha Walker. All design elements are available for download (for Silhouette owners) from the Silhouette Online Store.


The address label is “echo park journaling block” by Echo Park.  The birthday card is made from a basic “card” design by silhouette using the print and cut “hedwig with spread wings” by Harry Potter.


It didn’t take long to design, print,and cut all the embellishments using the Silhouette Machine. I think it’s a fun way to add a little something special to The Boy’s birthday gift.


I boxed it all up and added a large Hogwart’s crest to the shipping box and a Fragile (that must be Italian!) label.  The silhouette machine is usually associated with scrapbooking.  I don’t scrapbook, but this is a perfect example of what I use my Silhouette for: paper crafts, cards, and creative gift embellishments.

What is your favorite gift wrapping embellishment?



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6 responses to “Sending Gifts by Owl Post

  1. Um, adorable!!! So creative!

  2. a wonderful addition to make the present THAT much more awesome!

  3. Laura S.

    That is awesome!

  4. Super cute!! Luuuuurve the packaging!

  5. Glad you’ve been liking my posts, and thanks for the shout-out! 🙂

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