The Zelda Plan

When life gets busy in the Parker Haus so many things suffer.  The past couple months have been tremendously busy, especially because of travel.  We’ve gotten to see family and friends over a series of “long weekends” which has left us super busy at work and our house/home life a little neglected.  Grocery shopping doesn’t make a whole not of sense when you are in town for a couple of days and then gone for a long weekend so you end up eating out all.the.time. We’ve both gained back a little bit of the weight we lost and I can’t wait to get settled back into our healthy eating habits.

Thankfully Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  Matt and I have looked forward to the four-day weekend for weeks now.  The best part about Thanksgiving this year? No travel!  Our “travel” consists of a 10 minute drive to my Mom’s for Turkey dinner on Thursday.  The rest of the weekend we will likely not leave a 1 mile radius from our house.  We have a couple of “to do” items to check off our list but primarily our mission is: RELAX.  And we have a plan.

The Zelda Plan!  It’s a highly technical plan that includes lounging around the house in bunny slippers and lots of hours logged on the Wii.


We are a Zelda loving house.  We even give each other Zelda themed valentines and a couple of months ago we each pre-ordered the limited edition Zelda Skyward Sword bundle pictured above.  We were each going to surprise the other with the gift but I was so excited I spilled the beans.  Good thing too because we would have ended up with 2 bundles (tragic I know).

Matt has made me promise that we won’t play Zelda the WHOLE weekend but I have to admit it is tempting.  From the previews that I have seen the Skyward Sword is absolutely beautiful.  I prefer the style of the Windwaker over the art style in the Twilight Princess. When I heard that the Skyward Sword would blend elements from the two I was nervous, however, the result is magical. This trailer hints at romance between Link and Zelda while showing the beautiful graphics.


I am also excited for the swordplay in this game.  I’m sure there will be a steep learning curve for me (I’m not that great with video games to begin with) which will likely result in lots of hilarity.

I’m loving the commercials for the game, especially this European commercial featuring Robin Williams.


Makes me love Robin Williams even more to know he named his daughter Zelda.The bundle should be on our doorstep in just 24 hrs. EEK!

Let me leave you with a hilariously funny literal depiction of the Skyward Sword trailer.


Have you done a video game marathon?  Anyone else a Legend of Zelda fan? Favorite Zelda game?



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3 responses to “The Zelda Plan

  1. emtheartist

    woohoo! Zelda! I was just playing Ocarina of Time a few weeks ago.

  2. Heh, I was just out buying a Wiimote with the new motion thingy so P can play this game! We just have the old Wiimotes, and he didn’t realize that the bundle was a limited edition.

  3. OMG the sword does require a steep learning curve! We got it on Sunday and I’ve played it for a few hours and the first time I ran into a freaking deku flower it killed me! It’s definitely harder than previous games, but I love that about it. Hopefully I’ll be logging some serious time on it this weekend too! 🙂

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