Nubby Lamp

Wow, this post has been in draft since oh… gee …June! And by “post” I mean I dumped these photos in a new post, wrote a title and saved it to draft.  I almost forgot about it- shame on me!

Internet peeps, let me introduce you to my nubby lamp.  If we had a house fire and I had to rescue any piece of furniture I would likely try to balance this lamp and the orange mid-century modern chair.  In reality I would only make it out of the house with the lamp, hopefully the hubs would pick up the orange chair when I dropped it.  Besides being absolutely beautiful the lamp holds sentimental value.

Both the MCM chair and this lamp came to me via my Grandmother (along with a couple of other beloved furnishings in our house).  Growing up this lamp was in one of the guest rooms.  My brother and I used to run our hands over the hobnail glass and pretend that it was a crystal ball that would tell us the future.  The warm amber color was comforting and it felt nice to run your hands over.

When my grandmother went into an Alzheimer’s home and her estate needed to be distributed this lamp was top on my request list.

Today it sits on my dresser, next to my bed.  I still find the warm amber glass comforting, I still run my hands over the nubs from time to time, and it always reminds me of Grandma.

I’ve tried to research the lamp to no avail, I can’t seem to find her twin anywhere or even anything remotely close. Oh well, when my house is on fire I’ll be the crazy women in her PJs clutching a lamp.



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3 responses to “Nubby Lamp

  1. What a fun lamp! Your grandma has good taste. 🙂

  2. I love this lamp. It’s crazy but understated

  3. Lisa/Sunhat

    Love it! I that it has so much meaning to you. I have a green, glass candy dish from my grandmother (who also has Alzheimers) that means the world to me. I’d be grabbing that and a few other glassware pieces!

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