Roma: And so we begin

This past spring we jetted off to Rome for 8 glorious days. I want to document to capture the  planning, photos, and memories of this wonderful trip but its a daunting task. To put it in perspective, in 2010 we had a wedding and I poured myself into research/planning/crafting most of my free time was consumed with wedding.  In 2011 we had the Italy trip. It was our 2011 “wedding” with loads of planning and preparation. Not gonna lie, I love the planning and it totally paid off! With friends starting to plan Rome trips of their own I can’t put it off anymore.  Roma recaps commence! 


“Was it a belated honeymoon” people ask.

Ummm… yeah if by “honeymoon” you mean traveling and sharing a condo with six friends then YES! It was a honeymoon. *grin*

It all started last November when Matt and I were flying back to Indiana to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family. On the plane ride we were talking about hopes for future travel, vacation time, and our general timeline for starting to try to conceive. We talked about waiting until we had been married at least a year (which we had discussed before) and then out of nowhere Matt adds, “I also want to go to Europe first”.  Mostly I was surprised.  We had been talking about a trip to Hawaii (a real belated Honeymoon of sorts) and I couldn’t remember Matt ever mentioning a desire to travel to Europe.  Thrown for a loop I stammered out questions:


“Italy, I’d like to go to the Vatican”

“When were you going to tell me?”

“I only just started to think about it”

“So, trip to Rome before babies?”


“Before getting pregnant?”

“You want to drink Italian wine right?”

“Good point”

At this time “going to Rome” became code word for “having babies”.  We joked about it together and with his family.  At the end of our trip we had dinner with Matt’s friend Tommy.  We were catching up when Tommy mentioned that he was planning a trip to Rome with three other mutual friends.  Our ears perked up and Tommy added, “You interested?”  We looked at each other and said “Yes” in unison.

Before flying home all we knew was that in May/June we were going to Rome. We’d be sharing a 3 bedroom condo with 6 friends.  The condo, which Tommy got through a timeshare was located just outside of the Ring Road on a golf course.  Accommodations would come to about $200 US per person for the whole week!  When we got on the plane to return to Seattle I was giddy as can be. “Going to Rome” was no longer a code word for having babies, it was a real trip penciled in on our calendar. YIPPEE!

Up next: 6 months of research condensed for your reference!



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5 responses to “Roma: And so we begin

  1. rome for 8 days–what a treat! can’t wait to hear more about this wonderful trip.

  2. yay!! I need all the help with planning I can get! My travel agent isn’t very informative. We are going for 2 weeks in June. On with recaps!! ❤

  3. That sounds like such a steal for lodging for the week in Rome!

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