Promoted to Iron Chef

Matt and I are a bit competitive in the kitchen.  Both good cooks I feel that he gets to showcase his cooking skills more frequently and thus is dubbed “the chef” in the family.  We have a friend, Veekit, who is from Thailand.  Iron chef is one of his favorite shows and he and Matt are always bringing food to each other to show off their skills.  My husband has earned the nickname”Iron Chef Morimoto” from Veekit.

My nickname is “Sous Chef”.

*sigh*  It’s not that Veekit has tasted my cooking (Matt doesn’t bring him my cooking to sample) and deemed it “Sous” worthy, it’s that he figures my skills must pale in comparison to Matt’s that only one of us could be a great cook.  Oh well, it is what it is.

I’m happy to report that in the last 48 hrs I have made three dishes that have promoted me to “Iron Chef” from “Sous Chef.


On the Left: Fresh Tomatillo Salsa On the right:Salsa Mexicana Classica.

Both recipes came from Epicurious.  Thanks to our CSA we had Tomatillos, garlic, onion, and some Fresno peppers.  I replaced the peppers called for in the recipes with the Fresno chiles.  Fresno peppers tend to be hotter than jalapeno peppers and as a result both salsas have the perfect amount of burn. Yum.  Unknown to me, Matt took some of the Tomatillo salsa to Veekit for tasting today.  He dubbed it Iron Chef worthy. YAY, out of the Sous ranks I come!

I am not kidding when I say that my love of Pho is legendary.  Veekit thinks its funny how often I eat Pho and has been known to chant “Pho, Pho, Pho” under his breath when he sees me.  Makes me smile every time!  On Friday I reported that my earlier attempt at Pho bordered on Faux Pho.


I’m happy to report that my second attempt was a success!  After standing over a hot stove for 3 hrs I am MUCH closer to getting the broth just right.  The bowl pictured above wasn’t necessarily “iron chef” worthy but it was close.  Matt and I agreed that if we had been served the Pho I made in a restaurant we would have been satisfied with our meal and that I am definitely on the right track.  The secret to good Pho is the broth and while we are still in search of the perfect broth recipe, the rest of the soup is pretty well nailed down now.  Look for it to be featured in a post soon.

It’s nice to get a little recognition from friends and Matt for my cooking skills.  The lesson here? There is room for two Iron Chefs in this family!

In your relationship is one of you considered “the chef” or “the cook”?



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4 responses to “Promoted to Iron Chef

  1. Since I’m the one with the actual Culinary degree, I’m naturally the chef, but we actually worked it out where I cook one week and he the next. As such he’s become quite the cook in his own right.

    And, really, the hard work gets done by the Sous Chef–it’s not a position to take lightly 🙂

  2. Sarah

    Somewhere I have a green salsa recipe that your brother loves–I suspect you would, too 🙂 It looks similar to yours, but maybe not exact…l’ll look for it sometime and send it your way 🙂

  3. That salsa looks amazing!!!

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