Things I am Excited About This Weekend

I’m excited about all kinds of things these days!
1) I started a new job this week. I big puffy heart love it  and the best part is that I get to work from home 3-4 days a week.  We’re working out the logistics of desks (I’ve temporarily booted Matt out of the office entirely but that isn’t a good longterm solution) and will be doing a bit of an office revamp soon. YAY!


2) My friend fell in love with this photo that I took of her daughter.  I offered to get a nice print of it for her to hang and on a whim I suggested doing a mini-photo  shoot with the two of them this weekend.  It’s a chance for me to practice with my camera more and hopefully get some great photos for her. Seriously can’t wait!  Any last-minute photo tips would be much appreciated!


3) We’re making Pho* stock this weekend!  A couple of weeks ago I proclaimed to the Facebook world that Matt and I were making Pho. My love of Pho is well know and I even gave it up for lent last year (hardest thing ever!).  I was so excited and  it ended up being a big fat Pho fail.  The stock recipe that we used was a “cheat” or “faux pho” and it was disappointing, but it looked pretty. Shame on me for taking shortcuts. We’re making Pho stock the right way this weekend (i.e. the 3 hr way) and we’ll have some Pho for dinner next week. WOOT!
What is making you excited these days?
*Pho (pronounced fa) is aVietnamese rice noodle soup.  It has a complex (and yummy) clear beef broth and is usually served with thin slices of meat although I prefer fried tofu and vegetables in my Pho.


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7 responses to “Things I am Excited About This Weekend

  1. I’m glad you put the pronunciation on there, ’cause I 100% thought it was pho.. pronounced foe. Who knew? You just taught me something new today!

  2. ohhhh. phooooooo! we had some the other day. i don’t think i could ever have enough patience/knowledge to make my own! you should make some extra, freeze the broth and sell it to me under your new brand, “Amy’s Fabulous Pho”. hehe.

  3. I love making pho at home! I think next time I may try to add some veggies, because yours looks delicious 🙂

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