Last week Jeannette gave birth to a baby boy!  After patting ourselves on the back for guessing the baby’s gender properly, we got the chance to meet him less than a day after he made his debut.  Matt and I spent a whole hour snuggling with him and falling in love with this little charmer.

*Warning, snuggly cuddly baby photos ahead!






Matt is a natural with kids. What you don’t see in these photos is the million of funny faces he is making at the baby. Cracked my shit up!  It was so much fun to watch him interact with the little guy, warmed my heart.  I can’t wait to see our niece this weekend (expected to be born today!) and barely a month after that we will be welcoming a new nephew. Yep, both of my sister-in-laws on Matt’s side of the family are pregnant and due within a month of each other! Dina’s baby is due at the end of September and we still need to travel to see the little girl my friend S had 2 months ago.  I wasn’t joking when I said it was there were lots of babies in our lives making their debut. Don’t be surprised if my posts continue to be all OMG BABIES!  🙂

Am I the only one in the middle of a baby boom?

*No, we are not pregnant and no, we aren’t fielding questions about when we are going to have babies. I figured I should put that out there before the questions start pouring in. 🙂



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6 responses to “OMG BABIES! Part 2

  1. YES. There seems to be babies and pregnant women EVERYWHERE these days. (And I’m not only saying that because I have a baby and am pregnant myself!)

  2. So, so, so sweet! And yes to the baby explosion!

  3. sheila

    Amy, I will be up your way with chloe in the next week or or two to stay at the new grandparents house overnight. Will let you know so you can meet her. ~ sheila

  4. Sarah

    you know what’s funny…I think you were pregnant when you wrote this 🙂

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