I swear Matt thinks that this is running through my brain at all times. HA! Although I must admit that with 2 baby showers within 3 weeks and 4 babies due within 2 months of each other there are times that my brain is full of babies, babies, babies.


It all started a couple of weeks ago when I attended a baby shower our dear friends Jay & Jeannette’s baby.  We count the Js among our closest friends and were super excited about the baby.



Auntie-to-be, Annie (pictured on the right), went all out and threw a fabulous safari themed shower.


J & J decided not to find out the gender, but Matt and I had thought “boy” for a long time.  We all got to try to predict the baby’s gender and arrival, I think 80% of the guests were thinking boy too.

Annie also go super crafty and created not one, but three diaper cakes!


My new favorite shower game is “melt the baby out of the ice-cube” or “my water broke”. Its pretty simple, you freeze plastic babies into ice cubes, each participant gets an ice-cube baby in a Dixie cup. The ice-cube can’t leave the Dixie cup but you need to melt the baby out as fast as you can, the first one out yells “My water broke”. Obviously this game takes a while to play so its good to get folks going on it early in the shower.

Usually I make hand knit gifts for baby showers, but the number of babies coming into our lives this summer and fall has almost paralyzed me.  Instead I took Jeannette shopping at Babies R Us for a fun girlfriend date.  I think the boys stayed home and built a part of the Lego space shuttle you saw here.  Jeannette and I added more gender neutral clothes to her registry and we also shopped the newborn boy and girl outfits. I had her pick one of each as a going home outfit for the baby.  My rational is to wash both, take them to the hospital and that way you have a nice outfit for baby to wear home if it’s a boy or if it’s a girl.

I also couldn’t resist the Sophie teether because of the safari theme.  So for the most part Jeannette wasn’t going to be surprised by my gifts – she was there when I purchased them.  However I had a surprise for her! When she got to the bottom of the bag she squealed with delight.  Jeannette and Jay share our love of Chuck Taylors and I had bought these Chuck baby socks months ago.  Apparently, she had looked high and low for newborn Chuck Taylors to no avail.  Yes, I have a second set stashed away for any future Parker Haus kids.  What?  Can you blame me? They are CUTE!


Two weeks after Jeannette’s shower I co-hosted a shower for my coworker.  Because we had just weeks earlier hosted our haus warming, I opted to have the shower at my cohost’s condo.


This baby boy is coming 7 years after her 2nd son was born. We wanted to have a “sprinkled with love”  shower since she didn’t really have much baby stuff anymore.  Umbrellas and rain was our theme and our color palate was yellow, green, and blue.  I made the invitations, cupcake flags, favor tags, and raindrops with my Silhouette Machine, can’t say it enough- I love my silhouette!


Favors: Jelly Belly jellybeans or Lush bath fizzies. Both sweet!

I love this photo of our guest of honor! It was a very warm day and throughout her pregnancy she has not tolerated heat well. We put her chair directly in front of the air-conditioning which placed her directly below the umbrella decoration.


We decided to include children on the guest list. We had plenty of toys and favors for the kids to play with and I really enjoyed having them there.



We played the ice cube game, (thanks for the babies Annie!) but I think my favorite activity was decorating onesies. We did this activity at a shower I hosted for my Sister-In law when she was pregnant with my niece and its still my favorite.


I bought an assortment of onesies and provided fabric paint pens for the adults to use. The results were adorable.

By the end of the shower I was tuckered out. Having kids at a shower does make it more complicated but it really turned out well in this case.

Babies (and baby showers) always seem to come in groups don’t they? What is your favorite baby shower game?



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4 responses to “OMG BABIES! Part 1

  1. wow, these showers look lovely!

  2. Sarah

    Babies on the brain….so you’re getting a dog, like, tomorrow, right? 🙂

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