Make it: Oscar’s Recycle Can

The living space of our townhouse is on the second floor. Our city-issued recycle can lives in our garage on the first floor. About a year ago we picked up this awesome green Oscar the Grouch Can (AKA KNODD) for $14.99 at Ikea. It’s the perfect size to hold our kitchen recycling.


Every couple of days we take it downstairs and empty the contents into our giant recycle container. Every week I am amazed at the amount of recycling that we accumulate.


We have a similar can in the upstairs office in red and this system seems to work well for us. However, our guests are often confused which can is the garbage can. *ummm… its the tall stainless can right next to the short oscar the grouch can.

I figured our cans could use a little labeling so I busted out the Silhouette Machine and some black vinyl.


Using Silhouette studio, I searched the Silhouette shop and found a recycle shape to purchase. You can’t argue with $0.99.


I sized the shape large enough to fill the lid of the can and arranged the pieces for cutting.


With some careful placement I worked around the lid handle and Voila!- clearly labeled Oscar the Grouch Recycle Can!

Where does your recycling go?



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6 responses to “Make it: Oscar’s Recycle Can

  1. That’s such a neat (am I a dork for regularly using, and liking that word?) project and I love the result! My condo building uses a “waste management company” that separates all our recyclables for us, so we never have to separate. That being said, I kinda miss doing it, especially when I see cool ways to recycle like this!

  2. Ah, that bin is so perfect! And what a great idea to put the recycling sign on the top, too. We just have a giant city-issued bright yellow bin that sits outside the kitchen door on our back deck… I’d love to have something cute like this instead!

  3. I love that! We need to get a cute recycling bin like that!!

  4. Sarah

    I use a cardboard box. When it gets gross, I recycle it and use a “new” one 🙂 The ultimate in recycling 🙂

  5. Fun! I love my Silhouette, but haven’t bought any vinyl to use with it yet.

  6. such a smart idea! I don’t know why I never thought of it, or better yet, why people are still so confused by our trash/recycling set up 🙂

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