Make it: Chalkboard Mason Jars

What do you get when you mashup these two inspiration photos?

Inspiration From 

Inspiration from Mrs Stripes Awesome chalkboard Mason Jars


 Answer: Fun party bar ware that you can make for $2.22 per glass!  This is seriously easy.

All you need is some mason jars, fancy lids, a large circle punch (or other desired shape punch), chalkboard contact paper, and chalk.  I prefer the Kerr mason jars because they have a flat smooth side where you can adhere the chalkboard.


Step 1: Punch a circle out of the chalkboard contact paper.  I used this specific brand because it was thin enough to work with a paper punch.  There are more substantial adhesive chalkboard  sheets out there but I can only attest to this method working with the contact paper version. You could also just trace any shape you wanted on the back of the contact paper and use scissors to cut it out.  I had this punch lying around so it was convenient.

Step 2: Adhere the contact paper to the jar.  Be sure to smooth out any air bubbles.


Step 3: Prep with chalk.  I never knew that you need to prep chalkboard before using.  Simply rub plain white chalk all over the surface.


Wipe the chalk off and you can consider the chalk board prepped!


Step 4: Write name with chalk marker.*  I suggest doing this in advance because condensation from a beverage can cause recently applied chalk to run.

*Regular chalk works well too, the chalk maker just looks so nice.

Step 4: Pour beverage & replace the standard canning jar top with this fancy top.  


Step 5: Insert Straw & Sip!

We weren’t sure if the contact paper would stay on in the dishwasher but we have run these through twice and they are still adhered. I figured that we had so much contact paper that if they came off I would just punch new chalkboards the next time we wanted to use these glasses.

I figured you might be interested in giving this a whirl so I put together a shopping list.

Shopping List:

Chalkboard contact paper from Amazon 18″ x 6′ $11.98

* note- you only need about a foot of the 6′ so consider buying a smaller size if you don’t have other chalkboard crafts in mind.

Kerr 16 oz regular mason Jars 12 for $9 @ Goodman’s

Daisy Cut Mason jar Lids from Candle Soylutions $4.20 for 12

SODA Straws from Ikea $1.49

Marvy Bistro Chalk Maker $7.65 on Amazon


 3″ Circle Punch $17.95 on

Total cost for this project:

26.67  or 2.22 per glass for 12  glasses (excluding the punch and chalk markers which I already owned)

Total including markers and punch: 52.57 or $4.35/glass for 12 glasses



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7 responses to “Make it: Chalkboard Mason Jars

  1. Cute! I want to make some – I love this idea!

  2. Sooo cool!! I want to do this too… don’t know when though 🙂

  3. making these for a baby shower this weekend! thanks for the awesome inspiration!

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  5. Caleb

    Adorable! But do you think chalkboard paint would work? I guess I could always test it. But I’m concerned that the dried paint wouldn’t work well in the wash.

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