Haus Warmed!

Hi there! After a flurry of activity getting ready for our party Matt and I enjoyed the past week doing nothing. With the party over, we finally relaxed. We ate left overs and basked in the glory of having a guest worthy house (well, 70% guest worthy, the office and garage are still off-limits for visitors).

The day of the party we still had last minute prep and cleaning to do.


At the last-minute I picked up new throw pillow covers on Etsy. I lucked out and found a seller who lives in the Seattle area and she put my order in the mail the day I purchased them. I am loving the Greek Key design.


Another last-minute addition is the canvas print of our Wedding favors. I love that the print is from our wedding but not overtly “wedding”. I ordered a 24″ x 36″ Thick gallery wrap canvas from Canvas on Demand and it arrived the morning of our House (re)warming.

The LEGO space shuttle has hung out on the mantle for a while now, ever since Matt assembled it in honor of the last shuttle launch. The colors match the decor so I left it up.

bottlesforksWe tried our darndest to get rid of the leftover Beer Bread. Our guests have told us they love the packaging so much that they don’t want to actually make the bread. About half of these bottles went home with party goers and the rest are still hanging out. We were also able to use leftover wooden forks from our wedding, I selected the ones hand stamped with “Nom, Nom, Nom” and “Love on Tap”.


I used my Silhouette cutting machine to cut out these adorable paper menus. With all the home projects we had in preparation for the party we opted to have the food catered by Lake Street Catering. Lake Street catered our rehearsal dinner and catered FortyTwentyFour‘s housewarming. I am not sure we could have prepared the same food for less money than having it catered. It was such a relief not to have to worry about food. Oh my was the food amazing. Lake Street dropped off the food right before the party started.


Pear and Gorgonzola Salad


Chilled Asparagus


Cherry Wood Smoked Salmon

Mushroom Stuffed Baked Brie


Antipasti Tray and Sicilian Finger sandwiches (not shown)


The food took up almost every available surface space in the dining room so we set up a beverage station in the kitchen. The red tub housed flavored sparkling water and beer. We purchased the orange ceramic drink dispenser and the glass pitcher from Amazon. We were pleasantly surprised that the drink dispenser matched our fiesta ware perfectly.


The red tray (picked up at a Borders store closing) housed our Mason Jar Glasses (well technically Kerr Glasses). We added chalkboard circles to the glasses so our guests could keep track of their drinks (tutorial coming soon!). The sign directs guests to “Grab a Glass, Mark it with Chalk, Enjoy!” The chalk markers were left over from some wedding projects and worked perfectly without mess.


The drink dispenser housed our Gin punch and I put out a batch of Virgin punch out in a pitcher as well. The little paper sign was a quick Silhouette machine project just before the party started.

After our guests started arriving I was a good host and put the camera away to enjoy mingling with our friends. Thankfully some of our guests snapped a couple photos.

Amy and Matt's HW 068

We had a real mix of folks there: blog friends, work friends, friend friends, and even my Mom came and brought two of her friends J & K. We were happy to see J & K, a fun couple who let us borrow their vintage truck at the wedding.

Amy and Matt's HW 070

Corwin was our token four-legged friend for the night. He had a blast running around the house looking for the kitties who were safely tucked away in the office upstairs.

Amy and Matt's HW 074

After our last guests left we put leftover food in the fridge, piled the dishes in the sink and went to bed. The next day Lake Street Catering came to retrieve the platters (which they made me promise not to wash) it was the easiest party clean up ever. The night was great and the house is plenty warm now!



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5 responses to “Haus Warmed!

  1. That looks like a fantastic party – your house looks great!

  2. That party looks absolutely dazzling! And I’m very envious of your decor sense — your home looks amazing!

  3. Your house (re)warming party looks awesome! I love the canvas that you picked!

  4. the house looks wonderful and the party was clearly a great time! the drink station is so cute. and great call on the catering!

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