(Re)Warm the House: Paint

It is a wonder what a fresh coat of paint can do!  Painting our main living space was both the most time consuming and the biggest impact project that we had in preparation for our house (re)warming.  You can see the before pictures here but I think the ceiling deserves a little time. 5889587710_09e6f8b916 Remember that the Real Estate agent had painted the living and dining room ceiling a different color than the rest of the house?  You can see the about an inch above the ceiling light in the photo on the left.  It’s GONE! YAY!

We went with a beached linen white for most of the space (living room, dining room, kitchen, hallways, and ceilings). We also hired out all the “white painting”.


This is Bill, of BS Productions– he’s a funny guy with a tagline of “no BS”, gotta love it.  He did a great job and was quite affordable.  It took him 4-5 days to do two coats.  I was able to work from home when he was here so it took a bit of the stress out of having work done in the house. In hindsight we should have had Bill also paint the two accent walls.  We figured we could handle two walls on our own and that it would save us some money. In ended up taking us 4 full evenings after work to put 2 coats on our two walls.  We were tight on time, trying to get the walls done before living for a fourth of July trip, and the stress wasn’t really necessary. Bill ended up coming out the next week to fix our horrible edging job.  Here is a tip, don’t apply Froggie tape too far in advance of painting.  You shouldn’t leave the tape on the wall for, oh say 2 days, before you get around to paint.  It loses its stick and results in really bad edge lines.  *Sigh*


For the fireplace wall we chose the middle color, High Drama by Behr.  Using Bill’s professional account we had the paint matched at Kelly Moore and went with a Kelly Moore paint instead.


We are so glad that we decided to leave the fireplace white. the contrast with the red really makes it pop and helps to divide our space into to rooms.


We took our color inspiration from the picture hanging above the fireplace.  So we could go with a medium golden orange or what Matt called “Crayola Orange”.  We were leaning heavily towards the golden color- Kelly Moore’s Mandarin Grove (middle color swatch) when I decided to see what Facebook said.  Our choice was validated by loved ones and friends – Mandarin Grove was the clear winner.


While the red wall packs a punch the orange wall is certainly interesting with its unique cutouts and shapes.  Our townhouse by itself would never be called modern, but with the right paint it is starting to come around!



While shopping for frames to house some great photographs that I purchased on the streets of Rome I had a great idea.  This floating frame from Michaels uses the wall color as a mat and I couldn’t have matched the Fiat color better.


A little paint goes a long way, wouldn’t you say?  I’m gonna be a bit of a tease and not show you the finished room right quite yet.  There are a couple more things to be checked off the (re)warm the house checklist first. Accent walls: so 2000 or fun splashes of color?  Discuss.



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2 responses to “(Re)Warm the House: Paint

  1. Splashing new colour onto your walls can do wonders to the house. It is the best way to do a makeover.

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