Our Coldspot Freezer

I touched briefly on how our $80 Craigslist freezer was “put out to pasture” after the GFI in our garage was tripped and a whole lot of beef went bad.  It was especially sad because the beef was from a 1/4 of a cow we purchased last year and we hadn’t eaten many of the “finer” cuts of meat.  Dealing with rotten meat is one experience I never want to repeat. All I can say is thank you for people willing to haul away an old stinky freezer .


The Parker Haus is down one freezer for the month of July.  This wouldn’t be a problem except last winter we went in on a half a pig with our friends and early August is when we would be getting our half.  We spent July shopping big box stores for upright freezers.  Overall we felt pretty “meh” about our options.  This past weekend was do or die time though. The pig is going to be here soon and this was our last opportunity to buy something.

Meet our New (to us) Coldspot freezer.


The Coldspot Freezers were made by Sears from 1928 until 1976 and I estimate that our freezer is from the 1960’s maybe early 1970’s.


How did we come by this beauty? Matt found a listing on Craigslist for upright freezers.   Home Appliance Bargains refurbishes newer and older appliances and resells them.  We went in looking for a modern freezer and left with a vintage one. But seriously, what a great way to shop for appliances.


With the exception a broken piece of plastic (filled in with epoxy)  at the foot of the door (photo on the left)  this freezer is in mint condition.  See how the shelves themselves are cooled by a series of pipes (photo on the right).  The freezer doesn’t consume a lot of energy like you would expect because it is a manual defrost (i.e. it doesn’t have a heat cycle), and it won’t cause freezer burn.  I was surprised about the freezer burn item, but Matt explained that freezer burn is caused when your auto defrost freezer cycles the heat on to prevent buildup of frost.  Makes sense.  All it requires is a yearly manual defrost.

The best part, the price tag: $199.  Appliances built in this era were built to last and this piece has been lovingly taken care of.  Even the manual is in pristine condition.


Seriously, how beautiful is the manual? The three color print, the typeface, and the cute little penguins equals perfection!


The store owner told us about the Estate sale where the freezer was purchased.  It was a huge house overlooking Lake Washington, just off of Lake City way. The place was filled with pristine condition vintage items including a 1940’s fridge that looked like it had never been used.  The appliance store owner told us he listed the fridge on Craigslist for $500 and it was snatched up within the hour. Pshhaw $500!  I would have paid more!  Originally the timing and the location of the estate sale made Matt think it might have been the house of a legendary Seattle mobster, but I looked into when he passed and I don’t think the timing jives.

Regardless of where it came from, we couldn’t be more pleased with this great find.

Have you taken your appliance shopping “back in time”?

*note: we figured out that this fridge was actually from 1962- sweet!



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6 responses to “Our Coldspot Freezer

  1. I love your new freezer! We need to get ourselves one too, for the same reason (lots of tasty meats!).

  2. Omg, I swear my grandmother has the same freezer in her basement.

  3. Joshua Perkins

    We just purchased a similar freezer, but with a different model number. How did you discover the year the appliance was manufactured?

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