Beautiful Lighting

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Matt and I enjoyed celebrating our first anniversary.  We had high hopes of getting more lighting installed but the first item on our to do list ended up taking most of Saturday and left us in no mood to do more around the house.

We disposed of our freezer.  Not we disposed of things from our freezer, we disposed of the whole thing and all of its contents.  It’s really a funny story about the freezer being plugged into a GFI outlet in the garage and the GFI tripping God knows when and us discovering it right before we left town over the holiday weekend.  It stunk and we couldn’t deal with it until this weekend so we plugged it in an froze everything. When we went to clean it out this past weekend we discovered that we created a giant frozen block of stinky rotting meat/food which was impossible to dislodge from the freezer.  I have a new appreciation for crime scene investigators and garbage collectors.  We were able to get out 80% of the contents and pack it up to go to the dump but 20% would not come out.  After carefully weighing the worth of the freezer ($80 Craigslist find from 2 years ago) with the time and effort it would take to clean the freezer to a usable state again we decided to call the junk removal people to take it off our hands.

*Ugh* Not the way you want to spend your anniversary weekend.  After a multiple showers we felt normal again but decided against finishing up our lighting projects… maybe next weekend.

I mentioned our goal was to get MORE lighting installed.  You know what that means?  We’ve made progress on our project list!  I’ve had this post in draft form for what seems like forever waiting on us to finish all of our lighting projects but who cares- let’s celebrate progress now!

I mentioned our hatred of the brass chandelier that came with our townhouse.  We wanted so badly to replace it but couldn’t agree on the perfect chandelier.  Well, we actually saw the “perfect” chandelier hanging in a tattoo parlor in downtown Seattle but could never find one we liked in a store.  We were struggling to find a balance between a desire for a crystal chandelier and our modern aesthetic.  We couldn’t find the right balance.

Possomo Euro Design Chrome Nest with Crystal Pendant from Lamps Plus

Finally, this spring we were wandering around Lamps Plus when we spied this beauty.  Modern? Check, Crystals? Check!  We promptly ordered ourselves one and scheduled an electrician to come help us move some junction boxes and do some installation.  Ironically we had planned on having him also look at the GFI in the garage and see if it was necessary, obviously we forgot about that one-whoops!

While we waited for our lamp to come in I started to research making modifications to the lamp.  The crystals hang in a very neat line with a flat bottom.  We wanted to add some interest and make the crystals have less of a line.  I looked into teardrop crystal shapes and decided to add some to our fixture. We ordered 6 Crystal Clear Rain Drop crystals from


Installation of these was as easy as removing some of the existing crystals and hooking the teardrops onto the jump rings.  I am thinking teardrops were the perfect addition.

The teardrops catch the most beautiful reflections as you can see.  The “nest” design is showcased when the light is on at night.

I seriously can’t get enough of this chandelier.  You better believe this bad boy is coming with us to our next house.  We did however take the brass chandelier to the dump this weekend, no need to tempt anyone to put it in their house.  We considered it a public service.

We are quite happy with our new lighting, but we also took an opportunity to get some “old” lighting fixed.  I was very lucky to receive a couple of very unique lamps from my grandparent’s estate.  Unfortunately when I got the lamp pictured below it wasn’t working and needed to be rewired.  I put off taking it to a lamp repair store for 4-5 years because I feared it was going to cost a lot to fix. Imagine my surprise then I saw that it was around $16 to rewire the lamp.


The lamp is made from a very tall Chinese vase with a carved base.  The vase features a beautiful peacock.

The height of the vase poses a difficult challenge, it needs a substantial shade to balance it out just right.  Shopping for shades proved to be difficult and i ended up having one made at the lamp repair shop.  My grandmother had always used a traditional shaped shade (narrower at top than at the bottom) but we decided to go with a more modern drum shape.  In the end the custom shade set us back about $60.

I’m feeling like lighting in the living/dining area is pretty much complete.

So, what is left to do?  We have a couple hallway lights that we are thinking of replacing with something like this drum shade pendant light.

 Downtown Collection Lamps Plus

However, the price tag on this one would make it cost prohibitive so we’re off to find a less expensive option.  High-ho, high-ho, its off to Lowes we go…



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4 responses to “Beautiful Lighting

  1. that chandelier is perfect! and so gorgeous. what a great idea to add the teardrop crystals. and the chinese vase lamp is so elegant and colorful–love it!

  2. Wow, what a gorgeous chandelier! And I LOVE the teardrop crystals that you added – they make a huge difference!

  3. Lauren

    I love the addition of the rain drop crystals!

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