(re)warm the house project list

I just scheduled my last post of my Weddingbee wedding recaps, and only 10 days before our first anniversary. It’s an amazing feeling to wrap up recaps although I never thought it would take me this long. Just goes to show how busy life gets post-wedding. I’m going to be diving into recaps again this fall when I do a couple posts on our hometown reception but for the summer I am all done. Woot!

We are in the middle of a whole slew of home projects and I am just busting at the seams to tell you about them. This spring we made a list of all the items that we wanted to get done before we had a house (re)warming party. I say (re)warming because we bought the house 2 years ago (on the hottest day in Seattle’s recent history) and haven’t had many of our friends over since. I guess the house was already “warm” when we got it. Until last summer it was Matt’s bachelor pad, then I moved in, and we spent the next 11 months figuring out how to blend our stuff/downsize. Our friends have been pestering us and both Matt and I are itching to have people over.

The list looks like this:

Must do

  • Convert coat closet to pantry
  • Replace F-ugly Lighting (living/dining room, hall ways, entry way, landings)
  • Hang Stuff on the Walls/ Get stuff framed
  • Paint ceiling/walls in main living area
  • Hang floating shelves in fireplace nook
  • Patio Seating
Nice to do
  • Refinish lockers
  • Replace Brass on fireplace with chrome
  • Replace Fireplace “wood” with modern river rocks

Exhibit A: F-ugly lighting

I have a feeling the company that makes these lights pays contractors to put them in new houses, just saying. We wanted to replace this thing pronto when Matt moved in but it took us a year and a half to find the perfect chandelier.

Exhibit B empty blah walls

Granted this photo was taken right after Matt moved in and we did put some art on the wall when I moved in. Our biggest “beef” with the walls and ceiling (see below) in the living space is that the realtor who sold our house did a shitty paint job in an attempt to make the house more “neutral” She selected 2 different tan colors for the living/dining room and slopped it on the walls. The colors aren’t far enough apart to make one an “accent wall” and I only know there are 2 colors for sure because I saw the paint cans.

Exhibit C jacked up ceiling paint


Oh the ceiling… our ceiling is continuous from the front door to the third story hallway without a break. Our “friend” the realtor decided to paint the living/dining room ceiling a different color AND a different sheen. The rest of the house had ceilings that were flat white and the living dining room is a semi-gloss beige. *sigh* She also tried to “feather” the line break with the roller to make it less noticeable.

Exhibit D Messy temporary bookshelf


This cubby between the fireplace and the window is an awkward space. We put an old bookshelf that I had in the space as a temporary solution but long-term we want to hang floating shelves.

We’ve already ticked some of these items off our list and are currently (like in the next 30 minutes) applying the last coat of paint on the walls! WOOT!

I am thinking by the time we have our house (re)warming in August we will hold the record for the longest time between move-in and house-warming… or can any of your beat 2 years?



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5 responses to “(re)warm the house project list

  1. sounds like some exciting projects coming up that will make a huge difference! and yay for finishing weddingbee recaps!

  2. Oh my that ceiling is not cute! Looks like you’ve got some fun projects coming up soon! 🙂 Luckily those are all of the types of things that don’t take a ton or work but make a HUGE difference!

  3. We had out housewarming (as you know) and things were not done. Things are still not done. I swear the list never ends.

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