5 Things I Love (Kitchen Update)

Its been a month or more since we got our kitchen organized and into shape and it’s still in tip-top organized shape. YAY!   The little details make me smile. Looking around the kitchen a few days ago I decided to capture some of my favorite kitchen details. Ok, 5 details to be exact.

1. I write love notes to my husband using dollar store magnetic letters.

2. Its great having measuring cups and spoons at our fingertips (Ikea Grundtal Shelf and  S Hooks

3. We have all of our info in one place.  Our Family Info binder (aqua) created with templates from IHeartOrganizing’s March Challenge. Our handy receipt folder, and coupon folder (black and white print) are both accordion style and cute as can be.

4. Yay for finally getting engagement photos framed!  This iconic shot outside of Pike Place Market meshes perfectly with our kitchen.  We moved the picture that was in this spot (a series of three scenes from Pike Place Market… see a theme here?) to over by the workstation.  You can also see that we moved our dry erase calendar to the fridge.  The Washington State hooks that hold my apron took the calendars spot on the wall near the stairs.  But back to the photo, I am loving the metallic print, swoon!

5. High tech and low tech recipe options.  The iPad kinda lives in the kitchen and is quite handy.  Matt and I used to use the Epicurious application on our Droids and huddle over our phones to read the recipes. Now we just use the Epicurious App for the Ipad (on a CaseCrown bamboo stand) which is much easier to read- YAY!   We have our fair share of paper recipes too.  I love this giant clothes pin for hold my recipes.  And yes, that is a Red Hook tasting glass filled with bacon grease… don’t you have one in your kitchen too?

What are 5 details you are loving about your kitchen right now?



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7 responses to “5 Things I Love (Kitchen Update)

  1. It all looks so good! I love the fridge magnets…I should get some of those for us!

  2. I love the clip thing!!

  3. Sarah

    “It’s been a month or more since we got our kitchen organized and into shape and it’s still in tip-top organized shape.”—I’d just settle for all the school papers to stay off the dining room table for a couple hours 🙂

    • 🙂 The art production must be down. Been almost a yr since we got an art package in the mail! I guess homework replaces art projects as they get older.

      • Sarah

        Oh, I could send you some art–production of the art is definately not down, however, the packaging and dispersing of said art is definately down…and there is a lot of homework. A lot of paper in general. Lots and lots and lots of paper…

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