An Organized Kitchen…Finally!

After two full weekends of focusing on nothing except our kitchen/pantry we were rewarded greatly.  The kitchen was the first thing that we wanted to remodel. We’re talking cabinets, countertops, appliances, fixtures etc, but I think we are content for now with an organized kitchen.   Sure Matt hates the white cabinets with a passion and I would love new countertops and floors but we both know that a whole remodel is at least 2 years down the road for us.

Coming downstairs this is the kitchen that greets me every morning.

Not only did we reorganize the island, we also took a little stainless steel cleaner and buffed it up. Looking good!

Mixing bowls, stock pots, and our rice cooker live on one side.  Sugars, four, pinch bowls, a basket of pot holders, and a basket of measuring cups and gadgets fill up the other side of the island.

No more guess that is in our flour containers! We used printable window cling sheets to print removable labels for our OXO containers.

The kitchen island is one of my favorite parts of our kitchen. It’s the UTBY Island from Ikea and I can’t imagine preparing food without all of the great workspace that it provides us.  Let’s move to the problematic cabinets.

Oils live on the left side of the awkward over-the-hood cabinet. Cooking wines live on the right side.

The cabinet to the right of the stove is perhaps my favorite part of our kitchen now.  Before it was crammed with rubs, spices, sauces – near impossible to find what you were looking for.  Now it is ubber organized goodness.  Bamboo risers help us see all of our rubs and the magnetic spice rack has me swooning.

The bamboo adjustable riser and magnetic spice containers are from Storables and the metal strips are from Three by Three Seattle.

The corner cabinet is much more accessible now, with a turn table for our frequently used sauces and our less frequently used booze in the hard to reach back corner.  Less used baking pans like springform and bundt pans are tucked away on the top shelf.

The cabinet next to the fridge is now home to all of Matt’s baking goods. We used white spice containers here because they were about 20% the price of the shiny metal ones.

All of this organizing of the cabinets and pantry meant that our countertops were finally free of clutter. YAY!

Hey lookie there, we have a vintage breadbox.  You couldn’t even see it in the before photos.

Matt and I searched high and low for the perfect breadbox.  We snagged this from Thee Letter Q’s Etsy Shop.  It was in fabulous condition and the cutting board built into the door was an especially nice touch.

Counter space!  We even got our work station on the other side of the kitchen in order.

Whew! Lot of work, but lots of reward.  I think a tidy, organized kitchen will do just fine until we can upgrade the cabinets, counters, appliances, and floors.

What is on  your spring cleaning list?



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8 responses to “An Organized Kitchen…Finally!

  1. The island, the pot and pan rack, the spice rack, the labeled pop containers. I LOVE IT ALL.

  2. killer b.

    Such an adorable space! You know, you could always do a “tide-over” makeover with a little paint and maybe some countertop refinishing, with that new stuff from Rustoleum at Lowe’s/Home Depot. I hear that stuff is fantastic. I painted my own last summer, and it wasn’t a horrible experience. The progress is looking really great!

  3. It looks great – I love all of the pops of color in your kitchen!

  4. Ginger

    Wowza, looks awesome! I love the labels on the OXOs.

  5. Jane Rabbitt

    Amy and Matt,
    I also think that you should investigate painting the white cabinets. Love your organization.

  6. love the vinyl cling idea!!!!

  7. Adorable! I love how bright your kitchen is! I can’t wait till we move to a bigger place and have a kitchen that is bigger than 4×8!

  8. Love the new kitchen!!

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