Making a Pantry Pt 2

We might get discouraged but we don’t get defeated. I must admit I almost threw in the towel after working all weekend to prep our closet walls and finding out that we couldn’t hang anything from the back wall.  Good thing Matt encouraged me to call the Container Store to explain our situation and see about a refund on our elfa system.  The nice lady who I spoke to let me know that we could return everything for a full refund if needed.  She asked me how deep the closet was and I gave her the measurements.  Then a ray of hope appeared.

elfa Freestanding for the win!

I had no idea that I could exchange my wall mount hardware and make my elfa system freestanding. Awesome!  Matt and I made a special trip to the Container Store immediately.  It fits perfect!

Well, almost perfect.  The feet extend just enough that it is impossible to put the door back on.  No problem, I wasn’t a fan of the door anyway. We took the door to the garage and installed a simple curtain.

It was quite easy to fill the pantry shelves.

After filling up our pantry we turned our attention to the kitchen cupboards.  It was pretty easy to see that we needed to see what we had before we could figure out the best way to organize it.  Taking a page from the show Clean Sweep we emptied the cupboards of their contents and lay everything out on the counter.   Instead of a keep, donate, toss piles we grouped food into categories. It was our very own cooking ingredient come to Jesus moment.

From left to right: cooking oils, vinegar, cooking wine, hard alcohol. I would say we had a drinking problem if we actually drank the hard alcohol yep it’s all for cooking.

Our salt assortment isn’t too bad, every house needs some Kosher, sea, table, and popcorn salts.

The spices are another matter. From left to right: various rubs, sauces, spices (hidden in the back) baking supplies (cornstarch, vanilla extract, food coloring, etc). Perhaps you are asking where the flour and sugar is…

Yeah… this pile deserved two photos.

I get to blame this on Matt. He is the baker in the house and we have many varieties of flour, all-purpose, whole wheat all-purpose, cake, soft white wheat, and the list goes on.

In order to corral our cooking supplies we took inventory and headed off to the Container Store.

OXO Food Storage Containers

We used OXO containers for our sugars, flours, and other large measure baking supplies and magnetic spice containers for our 34 different spices.  Yep you read that right, we have 34 different spices- ridiculous.

Source:Amazon Warehouse Deals

The spice racks are 5 to a set which meant we would need 7 sets. At close to $30 it was getting to be quite the investment.  Ughh, but worth it.  With so many spices we thought it would be better to have longer (and fewer) metal strips to hang the canister on. Enter the magnetic strip bulletin boards from Three by Three Seattle.  We seriously love all of their stuff, you need to check them out.

Three by Three Seattle’s magnetic strip bulletin board

We found a stainless one we liked, although the red would have been amazing.

Now, where does one hang 34 spices on magnetic strips?

Coming up: Our cupboard reveal WOOT!

*I was in no way compensated by Three by Three Seattle for this post, I just love their stuff and the fact that they are a Seattle company makes me like them even more.



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4 responses to “Making a Pantry Pt 2

  1. I love organization, haha! I’m glad you were able to get the freestanding ones – it looks like they’re really nice!

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