Brain Dump: Sunday Afternoon

Lots of little stuff going on in the Parker Haus right now. I am waiting for the paint to dry in our soon-to-be pantry (used-to-be too small coat closet) and figured I could do a quick brain dump of photos and things that have kicked around in the “to blog” queue.

1) Last Sunday Matt and I headed up to work to witness the 747-8 Intercontinental first flight.  In 2009 Matt and I watched the first flight of the 787 in the freezing cold under gray skies.  The conditions last weekend were much more pleasant.  You couldn’t have asked for a better day and I was pleased as punch to try out my new 16-45mm lens.  The second picture in the series is by far my favorite photo I have taken with my new camera.  We both love the throwback paint job on this new model.  The original 747 had a red-orange stripe instead of the blue that Boeing has become associated with in the recent past.  The paint on the new 747-8 is amazing.

You can check out a video of the first flight here.

2) We finally go rid of our Christmas tree last weekend! Woot!  Sad, no?  We purchased the tree the week of Christmas for 50% off and put it up on Christmas Eve.  In our defense it moved out of the house just after January 6th.  January 6th is the feast of the Epiphany.  This day celebrates the visit of the Maji to the infant Jesus.  It’s tradition in my family to leave the tree up until Epiphany.  It seems to be tradition in our town to send the tree collecting services before January 6th.  So our little tree went to live on our balcony with the grill for a couple months.  When we finally had a dry day it got tossed over the railing and dragged into the garage and finally last weekend we took it to the transfer station for chipping.  I was amazed how fresh it still looked three months after Christmas.

3) Sometimes being an unfamiliar person with a large-ish camera (pisshh, my Pentax isn’t large) means that you get mistaken for a person of importance. Whoops!  A couple of weekends ago Matt and I took some classes at the Rick Steves‘ Travel Center in Edmonds WA (more on that in another post) for our upcoming Italy trip.  We decided to head to Edmonds  early a grab breakfast there.  We grossly underestimated the breakfast options in Edmonds but were pleased to see a sign for a pancake breakfast put on by the Sons of Norway. Come on, that little guy was just inviting us to try his pancakes!

We paid for our tickets which bought us each a slice of ham, two cheese filled crepe like pancakes and a Dixi cup of orange drink.  The food itself wasn’t very good but the atmosphere was charming.  Matt and I were one of a handful of couples under 50 and the only of said couples without kids in tow.  Everyone seemed to know everyone and a couple of rounds of “Happy Birthday” broke out for various diners in the hall.

A table was filled with hand knit wares made by some of the women in the Sons of Norway and two charming musicians kept things lively by playing popular tunes on the accordion and electric guitar. The MC for the event was a little man in his 80s (maybe even 90s).  He was an absolute riot with a very quick wit and wonderful sense of humor.

Matt went to fetch us our breakfast and I busied myself by snapping photos and trying to figure out the right settings for the combination of low light and fluorescent lighting. As we started to eat a woman approached us and remarked how “official I looked” and that “everyone was dying to know who I was with”.  A little embarrassed I admitted that I was just a “regular Joe” taking photos out and about to learn how to use my camera better.   I felt bad because folks were obviously hoping I was from the paper.  We sat a little longer and listened to the accordion, gosh I love the accordion, and then set out for our classes.

4) Wayyyyyy back in February we celebrated Matt’s birthday.  He can officially “not be trusted” as a card-carrying member of the 30+ club.  To mark this special occasion I attempted to bake him this Lego cake, because my hubby loves him some Legos.

Source: Betty Crocker

But there is a very good reason that it says “He Bakes” in the blog menu bar.  I cook with the best of them but bake… humm no.  My version tasted good but looked a hot mess.


I did however, redeem myself and plan a pretty stellar night for him and our friends.  We met up with friends at Elysian Brewing in Capital Hill for dinner.

Waiting on friends, check out the new Fossil shirt – love!

After dinner we wandered over to Tavern Law, a Capital Hill bar specializing in classic cocktails and prohibition era vibes.  Tavern Law was recently named  Worth magazine’s Top 10 Secret Hot Spots (number 3) and GQ’s Best 25 Bars in America (at number 25). Our destination, however lay behind an old bank vault door which opened after picking up an old rotary phone on the wall and speaking with the person on the other end.  I verified that we had reservations and the vault door was unlocked with a buzzer.  We ventured up a dark stairway lined with rough-hewn wood and vintage nude photographs to find ourselves transported back in time.

The sound of a 1920s phonograph meet your ears as you round the corner and into the Needle and Thread.


Decorated in period pieces and staffed by a talented bartender it is the perfect cozy place to experience traditional cocktails.


There isn’t a menu, your cocktail order is a conversation between you and the bartender.  With your input he figures out the perfect cocktail for you.  Among unique creations we enjoyed classics like Corn and Oil.

_IGP2752 (1)

The Needle and Thread is one of our favorite “date night” spots- its perfect for a couple or a group of four, officially they limit parties to 7 people.  Our group of 9 was kinda pushing it and I have to say making friends with the bartender certainly helped the situation.  In the end, my skill scoring us entry into our own little speakeasy made up for my lack of baking skills.

I guess it is time to check on the closet paint to see if a second coat is required.  See ya ’round.


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