Spring Laundry

Seattle is relatively temperate all year, the lows aren’t too low and the highs aren’t too high.  However, the winters are dark and wet and we are always looking forward to spring around the time March rolls around.   This week the tree outside our bedroom began to blossom.  What a wonderful view to wake up to.


This is really my view when I roll over in bed.  Our master bedroom isn’t that big, but one of my favorite features of our master bedroom is the giant window that takes up a whole wall.  We usually keep the blinds lowered most of the way but I love to open them wide in the morning and let the light stream in.  Eventually we want to trade the mini-blinds out for something more aesthetically pleasing, perhaps a roman shade.


I love the smell of spring almost as much as I love the smell of fresh laundry.  Today I tackled a small project that has been kicking around the back of my head since I saw Jen’s Laundry room over at I Heart Organizing.  Our tiny condo barely has enough room for our stackable washer and dryer let alone a laundry room but we make do with what we have.  I am happy that our washer/dryer is in the hallway between our master and guest bedrooms because it means I can sort laundry in the bedroom and carry it to the washer with ease.  We store the detergent bottles on top of the stackable and the little odds and ends (stain stick, dryer sheets, iron, etc)  end up in the linen closet on the opposite side of the hallway.  To coral the small stuff I repurposed a bright red (surprise) drink tub and added a fun detail using my Silhouette machine and some aqua vinyl left over from wedding projects.


Isn’t she pretty?


I used the same free font that we used on many of our wedding projects; Champignon from dafont.com


Dryer Sheets, Stain Sticks, lint rollers all have a new home


A perfect little laundry shelf in our linen closet.


I’m still wondering why we have two gallons of bleach. We hardly ever use bleach.

This project took me no more than 10 minutes to complete and I am pleased as punch with the result.  As i was cleaning up my crafting mess I noticed that I only had 3 or so inches of aqua vinyl left over. It seemed like such a small amount the put away so I glanced around the room for something to prettify.  The vinyl scrap was just enough to create a label for our receipt accordion folder.



Now, all we have to do is actually remember to put the receipts in the folder. *Sigh*  I’m off to put more laundry in and to re-texture a wall.  The joys of spring!

Are you lacking a proper laundry room? How do you corral laundry odds and ends?



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2 responses to “Spring Laundry

  1. I need to make a receipt folder too! That’s a great idea. And I love the window in your master bedroom – so gorgeous!

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