80% Victory: Office

We got motivated to do something about our office in early January.  Before the wedding this was the famed “wedding room” and then for a brief time we tried to make it a dual purpose office/guest room.  The office won out over the guest room because I work from home 2 days a week and we only average 1 out-of-town guest a year.  At point in our lives providing a nice space for guests isn’t too high on our priority list, maybe a few years down the line or if we start getting more out-of-town guests.

First we emptied the office of everything except for the desk, litter box and shelving unit in the closet.



Now this is the time where rational sane people would bust out the paint brush and paint the walls. Oh minty green walls, how I detest you.  The walls and the curtain both came from the previous owner (or the real estate agent for the previous owner- we can’t tell) and we haven’t done anything about either.  No, the weather turned cold and we decided against painting the walls until warmer weather.

I needed a new desk and we needed some storage solutions so we were off to Ikea.  Our shopping list included:

I’m a pro at assembling IKEA furniture (and quite enjoy it) so in just  a couple of days we transformed our office space and corralled all of my crafting supplies.


Matt’s desk still needs some organizing, we need a new closet system and the art on the walls isn’t set yet but over all it is a huge improvement. The part that amazes me the most is the storage for my craft supplies.

Many of my craft supplies are hidden in my locker unit.

So much storage!

Everything from Card Making supplies

To Gocco Supplies

To office supplies, camera gear and a giant box of adhesives

The shelf above the desk provides a space for extra storage and some decorative touches.

The pretzel print is from Ikea too!

I love the metal boxes. These hold my stamping and painting supplies.

The Singer was my Mom’s when she was little and the bouquet behind it was left by one of my bridesmaids.

I Heart Organizing was the inspiration for storing my pens this way.

Major improvement but we still have two major projects left to go in this room. Paint the walls and install a new closet system.

Obviously red is part of this rooms color palate and I am leaning towards a light tan with light aqua accents.  Eventually this room may end up being a baby’s room and it would be nice to not have to paint again.

During the Container Store’s yearly Elfa sale we purchased the components to transform this closet…

Current system: wooden shelf + wooden clothing rod + freestanding wire shelf

…into something a little more polished looking with Elfa’s platinum finish

Source: The Container Store

Source: The Container Store

We have to paint before we install the closet system, so the office is officially on hold. I guess we’re off to find paint swatches.




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