Homemade Valentine

“Valentines Day is a single person’s holiday.”  “Once you’re married you don’t really celebrate Valentines Day.” “You already know the answer to the question “be mine?” so why celebrate?”

In the past couple weeks this is what I have heard from a variety of people.  Is this normal?  Maybe it is, but then I guess we are bunch of weirdos. We celebrate Valentines day in our own special and don’t have any plans of stopping now that we are married.  For us Valentine’s day is still new and shiny.  Neither of us was in previous relationships where we celebrated the holiday and I guess we feel like we are making up for lost time.

Our Valentine’s tradition has become to hand make cards for each other.  Usually we are in the same house working for several hours on our creations.  One of us always gives the other a Zelda themed card.  It all started with my semi-DIY card for 2009 Valentines.  I bought a card and designed an image similar to this


In 2010 Matt got in the Zelda spirit and crafted this 3-D paper valentine using a template from Nintendo Papercraft.

And in Hylian- yeah we are geeks.

My 2010 Valentine’s day card paled in comparison to his 3-D awesomeness.  I went with a love bird theme.


Even though his valentine out shined mine, I certainly brought spice to the night.  I managed to severely burn 6 out of 10 of my fingers while prepping dinner.

For our 2010 V-Day dinner I baked Dungeness Crab in a 500 degree oven.  After removing the pan from the oven and the crab from the pan I absent mindedly picked up the stainless pan with my bare hands to move it to a burner to de-glaze.  OUCH! I have never felt such pain.  After bandaging the 4 fingers that were burned the most (my thumbs blistered a couple of hours later and got bandaged too) Matt  had to feed me my dinner.

I also had to call in sick the next day, as it was absolutely impossible for me to type on a keyboard or dial a phone.  Talk about an awkward phone call (Matt dialed the phone for me). “I can’t come to work because I burned 6 of my fingers, can’t type  and am on pain killers.”  My boss already knows what a klutz I am so I guess this call was just par for the course. A couple of months later Matt bought me some silicone oven mitts.

This year Matt continued the Zelda theme and went all out but added a Simpson’s twist.  He was so proud of his work he asked multiple times if he could show me the work in progress.  I refrained from peeking and it drove him crazy.  Instead I gave him the camera and told him to document the progress.


The train from Zelda, The Spirit Tracks

A Paper Princess Zelda

When we finally exchanged cards I was floored.

A little bit Zelda, a little bit The Simpsons

Amazing Detail!

While he was cutting paper to create a mosaic Zelda scene I was upstairs working with some tiny paper hearts. I was inspired by this Sarah and Bendrix creation on Etsy.


I designed hearts scored down the center for easy folding with Silhouette Studio and cut them with the Silhouette machine.

I found this 4×6 shadow box at Joann’s Fabric.  It was on sale for $2. I lined the hearts up around the design printed on the glass.

I used adhesive dots to adhere the hearts that were on their side and glue stick for the hearts that were affixed in the center of the heart.


The kraft paper heart is on a foam mount to make it stick out a little bit.

I cut out the text for the inside on the Silhouette also.

The completed card looks a little crazy with the missing hearts but looks totally cool when in the frame.

My card/art is now on Matt’s bedside.  I like that hidden inside what appears to be art is a Valentine’s day card.

I also gave Matt a “Love is sticking together, even when it stinks” Valentine (by my girl Penga) because let’s be real, potty humor rules in our house.

Funny Valentine By Penga at Sakacon

The power went out right before we started cooking Valentine’s dinner so we returned to the site of our first date, our neighborhood bar, to exchange cards, have dinner and celebrate with a few beers.

When is the last time that you handmade a Valentine?  What are your traditions?




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4 responses to “Homemade Valentine

  1. seriously? hylian?! *floored*

    you two are seriously the cutest couple ever. loveeeeee! sometimes i wish we were more into valentine’s day..we suck in the romantic-gesture department. sak got me a cinnabun for vday a couple years ago then complained that i shouldn’t eat it because i kept saying i was on a diet. lovey-dovey it was not! haha.

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