Locker ♥

When I was in 8th grade my class was ostracized to portable classrooms.  Perhaps to make up for our cramped (and cold) classroom accommodations we were assigned full length lockers instead of the half height ones that we had in 6th and 7th grade.  These lockers were mammoth. I fit neatly inside them without having to hunch over; as I tested out on my own accord. I loved those lockers.

One of the first purchases that we made after buying our townhaus was a pair of full height lockers, much like my beloved 8th grade ones.  They will need some clean up, paint, and modification to transform them into a coat closet but nonetheless, we’re excited.  Our current coat closet is very cramped and would better serve us as a pantry.

Whenever I bring up the “lockers as coat closet project” to friends I get the “are you crazy” eyes. Imagine my delight when when Apartment Therapy has started to share my locker love. In the span of a week Apartment Therapy featured lockers in the home three separate times. *SWOON*

Storage Solutions: Industrial Lockers in the Home


Storage Solutions: Industrial Lockers in the Home

A Bachelor Pad Landing Strip: Three Men and Lots of Shoes

Locker Pantry: School-inspired Storage in the Kitchen

Haha, vindication!  I’m crushing hard on the locker as pantry.  I wish we had a spot to recess lockers into the wall like that.

We found our lockers at the ReStore in Seattle, $120 for both of them. I believe they came from the nearby army base. Our plans include adding a clothes rod and painting them a deep cherry red.  We will also replace some of the hardware, including brand new number plates.

Parker Haus Lockers

The top shelf will be used for small storage and a basket in the bottom will store other miscellaneous things. These locker inspired bins will corral hats, gloves, scarfs.



Matt and I got a lesson in how to best prep and paint our lockers from a co-worker who is a hobbiest automotive painter.  Over the holidays we got all of the materials and tools for the project but the cold weather has prevented us from being able to start.  Hurry up spring come fast! Mamma needs a locker coat closet (and new pantry!)




P.S. I tested the new lockers out and I fit inside them too! YAY!

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7 responses to “Locker ♥

  1. Omigoodness I LOVE THEM! So, so jealous. They are going to look fabulous!

  2. What a cool idea! I really like the kitchen one, as well as the super cool chandelier hanging from the ceiling! The white living room set up really redefines how classy-looking lockers can be!

  3. I love the locker look in the the 4th picture.

  4. I love, love, love this!!!

  5. & am now going to try to find them for our entry…sorry…I was so excited when I hit “post”~

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