Household Calendar

Back before Matt and I got married we lived in separate houses and had to coordinate appointments, meals, and time spent between two houses.  The system we created was a simple dry erase board converted into a weekly calendar.  We ordered old school magnet numbers for the dates and I used some foam letters to create days of the week.  I wasn’t pretty but it was functional. It served its purpose and worked well for us.

When I moved into the town haus after the wedding this bad boy sat on the floor near the kitchen work station.  I just couldn’t put it up.  We needed a more polished solution something that looked a little more grown-up. I stumbled on a local company that had just what I was looking for.

Three by Three Seattle 4 x 11 Dry Erase Magnet Boards

*Swoon*  I tried to pick one color, but we love all of them, especially the bamboo.  We picked up 8 in total (one for each day of the week plus a shopping list).

To stick them to our wall without minimal damage I bought 3M Command Adhesive Poster Strips.  I wanted to the days of the week to look crisp and clean so I created  letters using my Silhouette Machine and some black vinyl.  Add our beloved old school magnetic numbers and you have a fun and unique household calendar.

We keep the extra numbers in linen anthropologie sack set on the nearby workstation and a collection of dry erase markers and an eraser handy.  When it is all said and done, it wasn’t the least expensive option but it certainly is unique.


Cost Breakdown
Green, White, & Silver Boards: 9.99 x 6 = 59.94
Bamboo Boards: 13.00 x 2 = 26.00
3M Command Adhesive Strips: 3.79 x 3 = 11.37
1/8 sheet vinyl:  $1.00
Assorted Magnetic numbers: 9.00

Total: 118.68 + tax

Do you use a household calendar to keep your family organized?



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3 responses to “Household Calendar

  1. Very chic! I like the wood ones especially. And I wish I was half as organized as you guys. My t0-do lists are always written on scrap papers and then promptly lost. 😛

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  3. so handy and cute! kevin and i could never be this organized or aesthetically with it.

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