A Late Start on Christmas

Technically this wasn’t the first Christmas that we owned our little townhaus; we purchased it in July 2009 and Matt was already living there for Christmas 2009.  This was, however, our first Christmas together in our home.  Last year we spent Christmas in Indiana with Matt’s family; beginning our tradition of alternating holidays. (Thanksgiving in Seattle and Christmas in Indiana one year, Thanksgiving in Indiana and Christmas in Seattle the next year.)  Since we were gone for most of the time between Christmas and New Years we didn’t buy a tree or decorate in 2009 *sad face*

This year we gave my tiny fake tree to my Mom for her place and bought our first real Christmas tree as a couple.  Our schedule leading up to Christmas was hectic, we were out-of-town the weekend before and we didn’t want to leave a trimmed tree alone with the kitties for the weekend. So, we put off purchasing our tree until the Wednesday before Christmas and didn’t set it up until Christmas Eve.

It was hard getting such a late start on Christmas.  Sure, we were listening to lots of Christmas music in the weeks leading up but, the lack of decor made it seem less Christmas-y.

We strung up all the lovely cards we received

Cass supervises the preparations

Decorative towels were hung.
Eat Drink and Be Merry towels from Macy’s
Blessed is the Season towel from Wifey Lifey

Stockings were hung.
I knit Matt’s jumbo felted stocking and my mom’s cable top stocking… someday I’ll make my own but for now my childhood knitted snowman one will do.

Matt was busy with Chex mix, something his father always makes and now something that will be Matt’s thing too.

The Tree was trimmed
Personalized Ornament from PersonalizedCreation on Etsy

Pretzel Ornament from Mrs Sewing

Love the old-fashioned colored lights!

Finally it felt like Christmas and was time to tuck ourselves into bed.

What kind of things do you do to get into the Spirit of the Season?



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2 responses to “A Late Start on Christmas

  1. Sarah

    So no more Christmas in Denver, huh? 🙂

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